Archive | April, 2012

Changes Without a Safety Net

A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a checker during my weekly grocery run.  While ringing up my order, she asked what a recipe meant when it said to cook chicken in olive oil.  I thought the question a little odd since I wasn’t buying chicken and I had never met […]

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Monsters Under the Bed

We all know, or at times may have been, the child who is afraid to go to sleep because there are definitely monsters under the bed.  These monsters are just waiting for sleep to come, and then they crawl out and do what monsters do best.  Fearing the worst, the child huddles under the blanket, […]

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Luck Happens

When I was awakened at 7:15 Sunday morning by the persistent ringing of the front doorbell I knew it could only be one of two things—something very good, or something very bad.   I stumbled my way out in a haze and opened the door to find my stepson with fist poised, ready to pound again. […]

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