Archive | September, 2012

Using Social Media as a Personal Support Network

I have a confession to make.  I love Facebook.  The whole idea of having a network of caring, supportive  friends at my fingertips is so amazing.  I may not use it as much as the “younger generation”, but I do check in on a regular basis.  Through Facebook, I’ve been able to connect with long-lost […]

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Reinvention as a Life Skill

There is a very interesting trend occurring in this country right now.  There is a whole generation of people wondering what they want to do when they grow up.  Now, this may not sound like anything new, but here is the twist.  This generation is not considering the senior prom.  They are considering retirement. More […]

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Ready, Set, Stop

It has always been said that nothing good comes easy.  Especially in today’s turbo-charged world, that old maxim seems to resonate more than ever.  We are all moving at the speed of light, trying to balance work and home, personal and professional demands.  It can be overwhelming at the best of times.   There really […]

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