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The Best Way to Spend Your Time After Fifty (or Before)

There is an interesting shift in our perception of time that happens somewhere near our early fifties.  As we reach adulthood time is cheap since it seems to be never-ending.  Let’s be real, at twenty-one most of us still had the feeling of immortality so popular among teenagers.   At that age anything was possible […]

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Is a Number On The Scale All That Important?

I have to admit that the majority of my clients contact me because they want to lose weight.  That’s not a surprise, really.  After all,  I am fitness and wellness coach and most people equate fitness and wellness with a certain number on the scale.  If they are connecting with me, chances are they haven’t […]

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Why Getting Healthy Shouldn’t Be an Option

As a fitness and wellness coach, I talk to a lot of people who tell me they need to improve their health.  For most people, that is a polite way of saying they want to lose weight.  And quite frankly, it’s true.  Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds.  Some of us […]

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