Archive | March, 2014

How to Break Free When You Feel Stuck

There are a few  things I know for certain.  One is that  at some point in our lives, just about each one of us will feel stuck.  I also know that it is more likely we will feel stuck as we mature  rather than as we start out.  And finally, I know there is one […]

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Weight Loss Is The First Step to Wellness

For so many people, weight loss is the first step on the journey to wellness.  I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you.  After all, when asked about their overall wellness, the first thing most people say is that they could lose a little (or a lot) of weight. Many elements […]

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“I Felt As If The Life Was Being Sucked Out Of Me”

It seems odd, but lately I have been meeting a lot of people who seem to be unhappy.  Perhaps unhappy is too strong a word.  Resigned may be a better description.  These are people who, at first glance, seem to have everything going for them.  They have successful careers.  They have climbed the ladder of […]

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