21 Day Fast Track to a Healthier, Happier You


21 Day Fast Track to a Healthier, Happier You

Beginning May 19, 2014

Finally, a  21 day program for those people who seriously want to start making real, healthy, lasting lifestyle changes.


The Fast Track is much more than just a program for people who want to lose weight fast.  The  21 Day Fast Track to a Healthier, Happier You is a holistic hybrid wellness/weight-loss/lifestyle management plan.


This is  for people with the best of intentions about creating a healthier, happier, saner lifestyle but who  keep getting derailed when life gets crazy.


Clean Sensible Eating

Clean Sensible Eating

The  program is designed for people who want to lose weight, eat a healthier, more balanced diet, move on a daily basis, and learn how to fit all of this into their already busy schedule.  This is not a program for those who just want to drop lbs fast.  It is for men and women who  are willing to commit 21 days to create and explore new habits and behaviors that will help them lose weight, increase energy, and stay on track for the long haul.  It is all about a healthy lifestyle management system.


Not only do I help you create new clean eating habits and exercise routines, I help you clarify your mindset about what a healthy, balanced lifestyle means to you and–most importantly– help you recognize how you keep yourself from getting there.  Can you change your life in three short  weeks?  No–but I can help you get a really good start, and that is why I call this the 21 Day Fast Track to a Healthier, Happier You.


If you are someone who has thought about finding ways to live better, lose weight,  consistently eat healthy yet delicious food, have more energy and more control over your well-being, then this program could be a fit for you.

Why it works:

Clean Nutrition



Bonus Group Coaching Sessions


Support is key

Support is key

I use a three-tiered approach to help you create new behaviors that will put you on the fast track to discovering a healthier you with more energy and vitality.


Healthy, sensible, nutritious weekly meal plans help you learn how easy a delicious, balanced meal plan that  includes all the food you love can be.


If you  already eat well, but have no time to add exercise into your mix, you get options on how to get your body moving–without going to the gym! I can help you decide on a workout program that fits your lifestyle using Beachbody products like P90X3, T25, Slim in Six, Tai Chang, and others.  It can take as little as 30 minutes a day, along with a little commitment on your part.


Perhaps you eat well and exercise but  just have trouble staying on track.  That is a question of mindset and focus.   I hold you accountable for your goals and motivate you to keep your own health a priority with weekly group coaching sessions.


What you get:


  • Meal plans,

  • Exercise ideas and options

  • One personal laser coaching  session

  • A private Facebook support group

  • Daily support, motivation, and accountability

  • Bonus tools and resources to help you create that new lifestyle


You can learn how to make your own well-being a priority in 21 days with the help of a certified wellness coach.

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About Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is a executive coach with a passion for wellness through mindfulness. He helps executives and senior management enhance their performance and their lives by pinpointing and changing self-defeating behaviors.
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