Archive | August, 2014

How To Create A Judgement-free Life–And Why It Is Important

How many times have you thought about making a change–any change–and found yourself thinking you couldn’t possibly make it happen?  It is too difficult or you don’t have the right training.  You have no willpower or the first idea of where to start.   It’s not uncommon.  Most of those thoughts are considered negative self-talk, something […]

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The Work Life Balance Dream–Is it Possible for Entrepreneurs to Find the Perfect Work Life Balance?

Entrepreneurs are a funny breed.  We aren’t better or worse than anyone else–we’re just different.   Most entrepreneurs go into business for one reason.  Passion.  They have a dream to create something, or help others, and it is the driving force behind their business.  At the same time, most entrepreneurs have a vision of creating a […]

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