Archive | February, 2017

Stop Micromanaging and Build a Better Team

Are you thrilled with your team’s performance?  Do they knock it out of the park everyday without any help from you?  If that’s the case–congratulations!  You have created a finely tuned machine all the other departments envy. However, if your team isn’t firing on all cylinders, you might be wondering how you could improve performance […]

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Mid-life Crisis or Crisis of Meaning?

We’ve all heard the jokes about that painful period known as the mid-life crisis.  That time when middle-aged men trade in the practical sedan for the convertible, take up sports they couldn’t really play in their twenties, and even quit their jobs looking for the meaning of life.  It’s a quintessential stereotype and the plot […]

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Happiness, Joy, and Well-Being. You Can Have It All.

We all want to be happy.  Most of us spend our lives in search of it.  It may not always be on a conscious level, but the majority of our decisions are based on what we think will bring us happiness.  It starts as early as childhood, when that new game will make everything perfect. […]

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