Acceleration Coaching

Most businesses would agree finding and hiring the right people for the job is one of the most difficult tasks on the agenda.  Once you find them however, the real work begins.  You have to onboard them–get them comfortable with a new organization.  First there is training.  Then there is indoctrination.  Finally, they can start learning what they are supposed to do so they can make the contribution to the organization you have been expecting.

Let’s face it–a lot of time and money is spent on recruiting and hiring the right talent for your organization.  Most likely you also spend a fair amount of resources on training programs.  But let’s be honest.  Just how much of that budget is spent on training your people in management and executive positions.  If you are like many companies, the answer to that question is–not very much.  Most resources are directed to front line employees since that is where many employers believe they will see the most bang for their buck.

But what happens to those individuals who get promoted into management positions or are recruited to fill key positions?  How much training and development do they get?  In my experience, once a person reaches a certain level they are left to their own devices to improve their skills and develop their talents.  Oftentimes they don’t even know what skill set they should be improving–because they aren’t truly aware of what you expect from them.  

You hire and promote people because of what they can bring to the organization.  But if that is where you leave it, it seems logical you will be disappointed in their performance.  Why?  Because there is no one to objectively help them develop the skills you saw in them in the first place.

Coaching high potential talent one on one is a great way to accelerate the growth you need within your management team.  Acceleration coaching is very similar to executive coaching.  I help individuals  identify the challenges and obstacles they believe are keeping them from advancing or providing the quality output they expect from themselves.  The issues can be anything from problems with communication to setting priorities and time management to defining the type of leader they want to be.

We then work together create an action plan to meet and overcome those challenges and obstacles.  Because this is a branch of executive coaching, I make sure the goals of the employee reflect and align with goals of the organization.  Acceleration coaching turns employees with high potential talent into key, long term members of the management team.

Acceleration coaching can play a key role in succession planning.  With many members of management teams now reaching retirement, organizations are faced with how to replace those who have steered the ship for so long.  Organizations looking to the future see the value in developing those individuals with the talent to rise to management and leadership levels.

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