Executive Coaching

Did you used to think it was possible to have it all?  To have a successful career, and a satisfying and fulfilling personal life. The problem is many in executive or senior management positions don’t believe that exists.  You have to give 110% to your job and there isn’t much energy left for anything outside the office.  And what is inside the office gets harder and harder to deal with.  The demands, the details, the politics.  Sometimes it feels like instead of having it all, all you are headed for is a case of career burnout.   

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed and scattered everyday, imagine feeling focused and in control. No more wasted time.  No more arguing with colleagues.  No more chasing distractions because it’s easier than focusing on the big picture.

As an executive coach I help you solve your own problems.  I help you change your perspective to focus on the what really counts rather than whatever fire is burning brightest on any given day,  To eliminate time-sucks, like overflowing email inboxes.  Or stop taking on other people’s problems.   Or learning how to set and stick to the big picture priorities.  You know, the stuff you want to focus on, what you were hired to do or started your business to do, but never seem to have time for.

All of my clients have one thing in common.  They want to be more focused, efficient, and productive.  They want to make positive contributions both at work and at home.   

As your coach, we will pinpoint exactly what challenges are keeping you from working at your best.  Self management, interpersonal communication, or leadership development are three of the most common areas I tackle with my clients.   

Finally overcome your addiction to email.  Instead of letting your inbox manage you, learn to use it as tool to give you more time.  Or use a task list for a guide, not a commandment.  The truth is many of us fall into habits that used to work for us, but no longer serve where we are now.  Times change, and we have to do the same.  Recognizing patterned behaviors helps to initiate change to become more efficient and productive.

I can help you deal with those people who make your life difficult.  Work with me and learn how to better understand your colleagues, bosses, or staff.  Develop techniques to work with erratic and overbearing bosses.

Or maybe you want to build a strong, efficient team.  Imagine a team that is effective and self-managed!  One that doesn’t lean on you for every decision or action.  You can build that team if you have the right tools and techniques.  I can help you develop those tools and habits.  

Perhaps you’re just downright exhausted.  There has been too much going on for too long and it’s hard to stay motivated.  Together we examine the areas sucking your energy so you can get back to the top of your game.  And leave it at the office when you are ready to go home.  Develop a work/life blend.  There may be no such thing as work/life balance, but you can create a blend that fits your style.  One that leaves you time for family and personal development.  

Executive coaching is a specialized style of coaching designed for professionals who want to improve their performance and find more job and life satisfaction.  Most professional development is aimed at lower level employees.  Management and executive level employees are often ignored because they are thought to have already achieved success.   Executive coaching puts the training where it can do the most good–executive growth.  When you as a senior leader feel fully engaged, you are able to contribute the most to your organization.

In today’s fast moving environment, you need every advantage to get and stay ahead of the competition.  Executive coaching can give you that edge.  Let’s talk and find out how executive coaching can help you solve your challenges so you can finally get on with the business of business and living.   


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